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Oskar and Ellen is a Swedish Toy Company who produces a gorgeous selection of fabric toys and play sets which are design-led, innovative, and aimed at encouraging children’s imaginative play. Because the toys are individually hand-made each item is unique and of the highest quality, indeed the attention to detail in these toys is something to behold.

All oskar&ellen toys are handmade (hand sewn using sewing machines) by three manufacturers/sewing studios in Manila, Philippines. These sewing studios were chosen more than 15 years ago by the founder of oskar&ellen, Petra Jinglov. Today they still work with the same studios and this longterm relationship provides security and stability for both oskar&ellen and the workers in Manila.

Each studio has approximately 30 employees and all employees are paid a fair wage imposed by Philippine Law.
The continued orders placed by oskar&ellen AB provides a job security and income stability for the staff and their families.
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