Food Kozy Wrap - 2 Pack

by Kids Konserve

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Waste-free alternative for picnics and travel as well as refrigerator storage for snacks and leftovers like cut meats, cut vegetables and blocks of cheese.

Made from LDPE #4 plastic. LDPE is low density polyethylene which is widely recyclable.

Easy to clean, quick to dry, and keeps food from seeping through. Hand wash and air dry.

Hand Wash in Warm Soapy Water

Pack of 2

Size 34 cm dia.

Kids Konserve

UKonserve waste-free and reusable lunch-packing and food-storage solutions were a natural outgrowth of what two women saw as a critical need that required immediate attention. With the premise that any business they undertook had to help the environment in some way, it didnt take much imagination to see how they, as parents of young children, were contributing to garbage landfills, pollutants and sending the wrong message to their own children. How could they set an example of conservation for their children and empower them to be examples of change for the future?

Calculating the amount of lunch trash being produced each day at their own schools shocked them enough to begin more research into reusable products that would dramatically cut down on our Earths ever-growing garbage pile. Focusing on how school lunch programs operate opened their eyes and propelled them to create Kids Konserve.

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