Nipples – Pack of 2

by Lifefactory

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Set of 2 Nipples available I 3 different stages of development.

- compatible with 4 oz and 9 oz Lifefactory glass baby bottles

- Medical-grade silicone

- Made in France

- Dishwasher safe

- BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free


Lifefactory fuses a modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a full line of Safe, Simple and Smart products. Safe: we rely on trusted core materials such as glass and silicone and manufacture responsibly in the U.S. and Europe. Simple: all products are easy to use and dishwasher safe no instruction manuals needed. Smart: functional reusable products come together to form a complete and elegant everyday system.


Their caps are made of BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free polypropylene (PP#5) safe for everyday food and beverage contact.

Glass is easily recyclable and made from abundant natural ingredients. It is BPA/BPS-free, delivers the best taste and cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Their protective silicone sleeves are made from BPA/BPS-free, medical-grade silicone. They provide a non-slip gripping surface and help prevent breakage.

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