List of products by manufacturer - The Buppa Brand

"A brand from Sweden dedicated in the design of baby products such as stroller Bags. Modern design, bright colors and comfort the basice characterists.

Its founder Pia Eriksoon created brand Thilde in 2004 in order to offer special products for the kids. Based in Malmoe, in Sweden, Pia managed to conquer the hearts of 21 countries. She loves stripes, colors and has an excellence sense of humor. Its Best seller the Comfort Pillow is an educational ""security blanket"" for the baby. The unique laundry labels, with their different colours and shapes, will stimulate the child's curiosity, perception of touch, and motor activity. The rustling and colourful Thilde Pillow will also attract the baby's sight and hearing.

And this is how her story begun.

All products are produced in Sweden. First hosted in Greece by Alice on Board.


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